Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Have Achieved Skype (We Believe)

Plans are in place and equipment has been secured. We even have a technical advisor, our Lakeland College colleague, Head of IT, the ever-stellar Larry Marcus, who will be on hand Thursday evening to help us pull this off.

Two of our contributors, Sandra Kleven (Alaska), and Zack Rogow (California) will Skype into the reading beginning at about 8:00 p.m. We are very excited about this. This could be setting a new standard in poetry readings. Or am I just fooling myself? Have poets been Skyping in to readings for years now?

On the ghost front, we have a good group of ghosts who are practicing their poems. I know everyone is waiting for me to post the schedule/order of the reading, and I promise I will do this very soon.

If there are any ghosts still out there who are simply dying to come back to life in the persona of a poet-in-absentia, there is still time to tell me of your intentions.

Oh, and BTW, we saw the proof of issue 1.2 over the weekend, and it looks fantastic. Now, if we could just keep everyone's minds on the TEXT and off the dream of naked bodies painted silver, we will be able to stay on track. Thursday is not very far off. See you at the reading! The coffee will be flowing and the ghosts will be on the prowl. It will be a heck of a good time, I'm predicting this in advance.

I will report again on Friday and let you know how much better reality was than my prediction, even.

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