Thursday, April 21, 2011

That special feeling....

Okay, so there is this feeling you get when you stress and obsess about something, and then you do it--this thing you have been preparing for and worrying about--and then, before you can blink an eye or say "Ishkabibble," suddenly, the thing you have been working on is all done, completed, basta, enough.

This about describes my state in the post-Stoneboat afterglow. The reading went exceedingly well. We had no trouble with Skype. There were lots of people there. We sold a lot of coffee. Well, "we" didn't, but Paradigm did. So thanks to everyone who made this possible: Karl Elder, Signe Jorgenson, Jim Giese, Rob Pockat, Larry Marcus, all our contributors, our subscribers, and of course, everyone who came out to listen.

I have to sleep now, I think. I will set sail tonight in my shiny little Stoneboat and see where I have landed by morning.
Ciao and good night!

PS: There are more photos from the reading here.

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