Thursday, December 14, 2017

We're taking the Polar Bear Plunge again. Maybe. (It's up to you.)

Here at Stoneboat Literary Journal and Pebblebrook Press, our annual fundraiser (donate here) has given rise to a New Year’s tradition. For three years in a row, our co-editors in chief took the Polar Bear Plunge to solicit monetary support for the journal and its press. In 2014, ’15, and ’16, Rob Pockat and Signe Jorgenson jumped into icy Lake Michigan on New Year's Day, despite subzero temperatures, to raise funds that offset our annual operating costs. While this helped us raise money, it also put their health in jeopardy each January. We gave our EICs the year off in 2017 and held a more traditional fundraiser instead. But there’s no fun in that—not for us, and not for you, our supporters.

So, we’re reviving the Polar Bear Plunge fundraiser in 2018 (donate here), but with two twists. First, Poetry and Arts Editor Lisa Vihos will be joining Rob and Signe at the lakefront. And second, our donors will decide whether we stay warm and dry on New Year’s Day or jump into the water with the crowd that chants “It’s not cold enough!” no matter how low the mercury dips. Donors will designate their contributions as “Plunge” or “Don’t Plunge,” and the group that raises the most funds will determine our fate. We’ll broadcast live from Lake Michigan on New Year’s Day, via Facebook, to announce the winner—and jump in if need be.