Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Stoneboat!

We at Stoneboat have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. We managed to turn a notion into a literary journal. We were fortunate enough to have the guidance of someone who knew what he was doing. We had the honor of reading incredible work and working with incredible people (each other, sure, but also our contributors). And along the way, we made some new friends. That's a pretty impressive -- and humbling -- "things to be thankful for" list, by my standards at least.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Report from the Inaugural Reading

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Last night, 14 of the 16 contributors to Stoneboat were present and read their work at Paradigm Coffee and Music (and now, Poetry!) in Sheboygan. The place was packed, many journals were sold, we had a nice response from friends both old and new. The excitement continues today as two of our contributors, Shannon Kring Buset and Michael Kriesel, will lead the Great Lakes Writers Festival at Lakeland College. These two will do a reading in the morning, mainly for the student body, workshops during the afternoon that are open to the public, and then this evening, a reading in the Pub, also open to the wider community. Tomorrow is a day for high school students to work with these talented and experienced writers. Meanwhile, the Stoneboat is afloat! Thank you everyone (co-editors, contributors, readers, and assorted mentors and guides) who are making this phenomenon possible. Carrying on...

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