Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Importance of Lunch

What with all the activity of summer, we editors have not had a chance to hang out together very much. Signe and I decided to do something really radical today and take a break for lunch. I look forward to talking about the upcoming issue with her. We are coming up on our deadline for submisssions, and we have A LOT of them to read yet. This is the bane and beauty of editing a small journal: looking at all the material that arrives from points unknown and making some kind of decision. Does this touch me? Does this grab me? Does this move me? Now I have a clearer sense about what editors go through when they look at my work. It does give one pause. We are all trying to express ourselves, our visions. Let's do it as clearly, succinctly, and universally as we can. But first, let's eat lunch.