Wednesday, April 13, 2011


And, I forgot something very important. We do have one contributor, Erin Wilcox, coming all the way from Arizona and one contributor, Ross DeRosier, who lives right here in sunny Sheboygan. They will not need ghosts to represent them. We also have three visual artists who are in Sheboygan. But so far none have indicated a desire to speak about their work. But that doesn't mean they might not step up to the mic on the night of the event.

Furthermore, if the Stoneboat IT Department can swing it, we may be able to arrange for a Skype hook-up and then a few more distant contributors may appear--not as ghosts--but as digital projections on a screen. Honestly, what will they think of next? (Holograms?)


Sandy Kleven said...

Not to be a "know it all" but I'd bet you $1000 that Erin Wilcox is coming from Arizona. I am in Alaska and if Erin were here, I would know it.
Sandy - Skyping Thursday from AK

Sig. said...

Sandy, you're definitely right. :) I will edit it this so that it' correct.

Lisa Vihos said...

Very sorry folks. I was looking at her bio and everything pointed to Alaska. Thanks for pointing it out Sandy, and thanks for making the correction, Signe. Lisa

Sig. said...

No worries, Lisa.