Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Orestes" by Sandra Kleven

This is a [somewhat shaky] video of Sandra Kleven reading a poem out of Stoneboat, live from Alaska via Skype, during the April 21st reading. If you like what you hear, please consider purchasing the issue -- it's packed full of amazing poetry, prose, and artwork.


Sandra Kleven said...

Okay. I know it looks like stage fright...or that I am overcome with the intensity of the poem or the unreality of the situation. It was none of these things. My husband was running a table saw in the garage beneath me in Anchorage, AK. Quick cuts, he assured me. Still, I said, There is no time. We are starting now. I have to assume he didn't hear me. Once the Skype reading was underway,I could not shout at him to cease as I was essentially broadcasting with a live mike. At the intro to the reading, the saw screamed to life, twice. Via Skype, I explained the source of the sound to the audience in Wisconsin and then it was done. So, I read. The first poem was done...we were home free, in terms of the saw. Then, I started "Orestes"... the rest is in the clip.

Sig. said...

We could barely hear the table saw. After the reading, one of our audience members told me that you were the highlight of the reading -- your work, but also your performance. We are so glad you were able to join us.