Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going to Montana Soon...

So, we had a great editorial meeting on Tuesday night, working on the fall issue. We had so many submissions to go through, it was physically and spiritually daunting. I sometimes wish we had as many subscriptions as we had submissions. At one point, we were going to call it a night, and I remember Jim saying, "let's soldier on." It was almost grueling, but in a good way, and we did it. We are looking forward to another great issue, and we will be trying a new method of creating the journal, using CreateSpace.

I also wish I could describe to you in words the amazing halibut dish that Jim prepared for us. I think it was called Halibut Ilimani, named for a moutain in Alaska. (Someone--Signe? Jim?--will correct me on this.) The halibut  was airlifted out of Alaska by Jim himself and transformed into a delicious mound of creamy, cheesy, artichokey, flavorful splendor. I can safely say I have never eaten anything like it in my life. Nor will I again anytime soon.

You may not know this, but Jim is about to leave us for grad school in Montana. I am happy for Jim, but I am not happy for us. In fact, Jim is going to be sorely missed. Not just for his brownies and his Halibut Ilimani, but for his questioning mind and gentle spirit. He will continue to design Stoneboat from afar. The boat will continue to float. We will soldier on. We are simply sending a reconnaissance life raft out to Montana. I see a road trip in our future.

Jim, thanks for all you do for Stoneboat. Safe travels!

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Sig. said...

It's called Mt. Iliamna, but it's not a mountain -- it's a glacier-covered volcano. Alaska is the coolest. Very good guess on the spelling, Lisa.