Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stoneboat Special Issue

Special edition of Stoneboat for the Lakeland College Sesquicentennial
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Stoneboat, being affiliated with and owing its birth to Lakeland College, recently published a special edition for the college's sesquicentennial celebration held June 21-25.  Through a generous grant from the school, the editorial staff was able to produce the publication which included prose, poetry, and artwork from current and past Lakeland faculty, alumni, and friends.

Editor Lisa Vihos, Director of Alumni Relations for the college, had a key role in organizing the celebration and facilitating many events on and off campus.  Lisa is a human dynamo who never ceases to amaze me with her seemingly endless amount of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.  Not only was she pivotal in making the celebration a success, but she also spearheaded the publication, sending letters and emails to alum, not asking for contributions of money, but of words.  90 years of Lakeland family was represented in the writings.

Readings were held during the event, allowing contributors to share their work with those in attendance at Sesquicentennial Square, the hub of the celebration.

While this wasn't an event necessarily geared toward our primary audience, it served as a powerful and positive reflection of my alma mater.  I had the opportunity to speak with writing professors and mentors who acknowledged the quality of the journal that we produce as well as thanking us for our dedication to the literary community, affirming that the avocation of four Lakeland family members, while not paid with money, are paid through kind words.

I am personally thankful for Lisa, Signe, and Jim, the real motors behind Stoneboat.  We have some great projects coming up and are expecting significant growth with the next issue--and I'm not just talking about my spare tire pictured below.

Rob and Signe man the Stoneboat table at Lakeland College

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Sig. said...

"four Lakeland family members, while not paid with money, are paid through kind words."

If the printer and the web hosting service would accept kind words as payment, life would be complete. Stoneboat life, that is...