Thursday, April 26, 2012

Assisting the EIC

Our divine Editor-in-Chief, Rob Pockat, offered to write a little something about our recent release reading. He is also doing a substitute teaching gig right now and is staying just one step ahead of his high schoolers on the topic of mythology. So, writing a blog post is probably the furthest thing from his mind. In fact, he may have even forgotten he said he would do this.

Being a good associate editor and friend, I am just stepping in to say that the April 21 reading was a resounding success. We had a full crowd (maybe 40 people?) at Paradigm and a great line-up of contributors including Kyane Howland, Georgia Ressmeyer, Marilyn Taylor, Ed Werstein, and Marilyn Zielke-Windau. In addition, we had open mic readers Nancy Harrison Durdin, Majik Lorenz, Nate Lowe, and Kelly Quick. Geez, I hope I'm not forgetting anyone...We have a super cool slide show from the reading that Signe put together on our website.

Despite some technical difficulties, we were able to Skype with the following contributors: Leanne Chabalko in San Francisco, Sandra Kleven in Alaska, and Zeta Sion in Sweden. All of us editors chimed in as "ghost readers" for those who could not be with us, as did all the contributors who were there with us physically. It was a great collaborative effort and just a heck of a lot of fun. You should come to the next reading!

I am looking forward to taking copies of Stoneboat with me to Milwaukee and Madison this weekend and placing copies at Woodland Pattern, Boswell Books (hopefully) Avols, and any place else I can find to sell some for us! Heads up on the weekend of June 1-3, we will have a table at the Midwest Small Press Festival. Check it out.

Well, our little Stoneboat continues to sail, thanks to all of you readers out there. Keep reading. And while you are at it, subscribe! Remember that subscriptions make great gifts for those people in your life who already have everything. That is no myth.

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Sig. said...

Just to be clear about the Small Press Festival: the book fair is June 2nd only, and that's when Stoneboat will have a table with all sorts of goods for sale: t-shirts, chapbooks, and -- of course -- the journal.