Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And Speaking of Pushcarts...

This year, Stoneboat nominated two contributors for Pushcart Prizes. We nominated Jason Primm for his short story "The Light" from the Fall 2011 issue and Sandra Kleven for her poem "Orestes" from the Spring 2011 issue. (Turns out we aren't the only ones who think Sandy deserves a Pushcart. Another poem of hers was nominated by F Magazine.) The Stoneboat editors wish both Jason and Sandy luck. We are honored to have published their fine work.

As far as our own Pushcart nominee...Lisa has had a rough couple of weeks, medically speaking, but she's on the mend and is excited to get back down to Stoneboat business. We're all working our way through the massive pile of submissions in our inbox, and we'll send the rejection and acceptance notices soon. If you submitted work, we haven't forgotten about you; we've just been a little sidetracked, what with worrying about Lisa and all. (Really, though -- she's doing better now. We promise.)

While you're waiting for your spring Stoneboat fix (the issue will be out on April 15th), check out this video of Sandy Kleven reading "Orestes," live from Anchorage, Alaska via Skype, at our issue release reading in April 2011:

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Sandy Kleven said...

You are so kind, not only to recognize "Orestes" but to mention the F-Magazine nomination, as well. Humble thanks! (And then we have the table saw...a lament of a poem, a funny video. I have told my husband, Richard, he made it doubly memorable). ~ Sandy