Thursday, May 11, 2017

Stoneboat Literary Journal Welcomes Guest Poetry Editor

Contact:  Signe Jorgenson
Stoneboat Literary Journal
PO Box 1254
Sheboygan, WI 53082-1254

Sheboygan, WI –May  4, 2017 – Stoneboat Literary Journal is pleased to announce that Katie Amundsen will serve as Guest Poetry Editor for the Fall 2017 issue. Amundsen will take on the Poetry Editor role that is normally filled by Lisa Vihos, who will spend the coming months focusing on building a children’s reading garden in Malawi.

Amundsen was a natural choice for the guest editor role because she interned for Stoneboat from 2013-2015 and performed a variety of tasks critical to the journal’s operations.  When Vihos decided to take a leave of absence, she presented the Stoneboat editorial staff with a list of potential guest editors. “We knew right away that Katie was our first choice,” said Co-Editor in Chief Signe Jorgenson. “She made an enormous impact during her internship, and we’ve missed her ever since she left us to pursue a graduate degree in poetry. We’re thrilled that she’ll be our guest editor, and we’re also excited to see the direction that the fall issue will take with someone new selecting the poetry.”

Amundsen graduated from Sheboygan South High School in 2011 and went on to major in writing at Lakeland College, graduating in 2015. She is now studying poetry in the creative writing MFA program at Wichita State University.  She was recently named as a winner of the prestigious AWP Intro Journals Project for her poem “Whale Soup” and will serve as Editor in Chief of Mikrokosmos and Mojo, WSU’s literary journals, beginning this fall. Amundsen says, “I’m excited! Stoneboat has a special place in my heart.”

Stoneboat has published two issues of poetry, short stories, essays, and black and white artwork each year since 2010. The journal features local writers as well as writers from around the globe. Additional information about Stoneboat and its editorial staff can be found online at

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