Friday, November 18, 2016

Call for Submissions: “Beyond Red and Blue: Voices for America”

Stoneboat Literary Journal seeks submissions of poetry, literary prose, cartoons, b&w artwork, graphic literature, and photo essays for a special section of the Spring 2017 issue, tentatively titled “Beyond Red and Blue: Voices for America.”

The recent presidential election has revealed a deep divide in the American political and cultural landscapes. Also emerging in the wake of the election is a clear need for conversation among Americans on all sides of this divide. We are excited to facilitate this discourse by providing a space for all people to express their views, not only about the election outcome but also about what it means to be an American in 2017 and what it means to make America great again. (Or, what already makes America great.)

We are not interested in ranting, name calling, finger pointing, gloating, or shouting into the void. We are interested in dialogue, critical reflection, deep examination, and genuine attempts at understanding. We will select pieces that are fresh, concise, and image-driven. We want work that digs deep and embodies a timeless quality. We seek thoughtful, new insights from ALL points of view—Democrat and Republican, conservative and liberal, rural and urban, popular and unpopular, and everything between and outside of these limiting labels. We also welcome work from contributors around the world because we feel that a layered portrait of “America” and an exploration of what it means to be “American” can (and should) include an international perspective.

After careful consideration, we have chosen to suspend two of our long-held traditions for this special section only. Although we do not generally publish a writer or artist in back-to-back issues, we feel that it’s important to open submission to all voices. Therefore, we welcome submissions from contributors who appear in our Fall 2016 issue. Furthermore, we typically limit submitters to one submission per issue; however, for Spring 2017 only, we will allow submitters to submit work for both the special section and for general consideration.

When submitting, please include:
·         3-5 unpublished poems in a single document OR unpublished fiction/nonfiction up to 5,000 words OR 3-5 pieces of visual artwork (color or b&w) OR a b&w  photo essay with 5-10 photographs OR a b&w comic OR b&w graphic literature of up to 20 pages
·         Cover letter
·         Brief bio (3-4 sentences max; can be included in cover letter)

We look forward to creating this literary and artistic snapshot of the American landscape. It is our intent to put forth a layered conversation that represents a wide array of voices and views. Please submit your work no later than February 1, 2017.

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