Friday, September 16, 2011

Of Friends, Stones, and Gratitude

You know, you just know who your friends are, because they are always there when you need them. They call you on your shit. They knock sense into you when you need it.

You know someone is your friend when they will drive a long way to get you from the airport, sit with you and have one more glass of wine, cheer you up on the way into work by giving you a feather, or bring you chocolate unexpectedly in the middle of the afternoon.

I just spent about an hour reading back over the 14 months of this blog. I was so touched by our innocence and enthusiasm for what we have undertaken. We have come a rather long way in this last year. We have done a variety of rather amazing things. We have grown. We have gotten better at what we do. The thing is, we only did this because we had each other. We could not have done this thing alone.

My post could be viewed as only a very self-referential comment on one project set upon by four individuals. But, because all truly good writing is universal, please apply what I am saying to yourself. Forget the writing. Make this universal. Think about where you were one year ago, and where you are now. Use that information to project where you will be a year from now.

There is no telling. We cannot say what the world will be like a year from now. And, sadly, we can't even guarantee that any particular one of us will be here or not be here. Therefore, let me remind you, the most important thing you can do on any given day is be kind to the people around you. Love the people you are close to. Appreciate the people who drive you nuts. They especially, need your love and attention. Anyone could be gone tomorrow. We just simply do not know.

In the meantime, love, laugh, write, read, sing, dance, walk, play, cook, share. Yes. Please share. That is really all there is to do. They taught us this when we were very small. They were right. Why would we ever stop?

Thank you, my dear co-editors, for an amazing year of growth, love, support, food, and sharing. To Signe, Jim, and Rob: I have never had so much fun or creative satisfaction as I have when I am working with the three of you. You guys are the bees knees.

That is, miraculous.

By the way, I noticed in reading through this entire blog that we have not a single entry from Jim. Now, Jim. I know we put you in charge of the Greek rolls, the 53,000 calorie per-unit carrot cake, and the kick-ass double chocolate brownies, (oh my God, and the apple pie! How could I forget the apple pie???) but let's face it, you write as good as you cook (which seems nearly impossible) and now I am requesting, as your fellow editor, that you please post to the blog sometime soon. I think all of us would like to read your words.

In the meantime, to all the writers out there, please keep writing and please keep submitting to Stoneboat. We have the boat, we need your stones. Without all of you, there are no stones to carry.

All the best,


Chuck R said...

"We have the boat, we need your stones."

Chuck R said...

I meant to add to that...indeed. What a great line.