Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

[in which she invokes one of the most tired clichés ever]

For now, things are relatively calm in Stoneboat land. We've tamed the unruly email inbox. We've charted the submissions. Hell, we've even read the submissions! For the past few weeks, we have been sitting on our respective couches sipping wine (or beer if you're Rob and Jim, and maybe if you're Lisa; to be honest, I have no idea what my co-editors drink at home), exchanging emails, and counting down the days until August 6th.

What happens on the sixth, you ask? Well, my cousin is marrying his British sweetheart in Clevedon, England -- but nobody cares about that. On August sixth, all four of us editors will be both in town and available to get together and talk about the fall issue. (Coordinating four summer schedules is a nightmare. We haven't been able to physically meet since early June.) Priority number one for the meeting is, of course, making final decisions about which stories, essays, poems, and artwork to include in the fall issue. We've ruled a lot of stuff out, but we are still open to more than we can possibly fit in our pages.

Priority number two is to work out the details for the upcoming special issue of Stoneboat, due out in June 2012, celebrating Lakeland College's sesquicentennial. We'll post more details on that soon, along with a special call for submissions, but the summary version is that we've received a grant to produce an all-Lakeland issue: Lakeland-affiliated writers and artists, Lakeland memories, Lakeland themes, Lakeland past and present. It's going to be exciting -- and a lot of work, especially because it will be coming out on the heels of our Spring 2012 issue. Like I said...calm before the storm.

And lower on the priority list: enjoying Jim's amazing cooking, deciding when to open up a new reading period, debating over what to put on the cover of the fall issue, figuring out how to get video footage from our April reading onto our website, et cetera. It's a pretty ambitious list for one dinner meeting at the height of summer, but we will do our best.

While you're waiting for the fall issue, which is due out in October, consider catching up on our first two issues. We're offering a great deal -- get both issues for a mere $8. Details are available here -- scroll down to the green text. And hey, while you're getting your Stoneboat fill, check out Spring 2011 contributor Erin Wilcox's newly-launched author website.

As for me...I will be pouring a glass of Door County blackberry wine. Is there anything more perfect for a Wisconsin summer evening? I think not.

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Lisa said...

What a lovely and informative post, Signe. I drink all manner of drinks at home depending on my mood: wine, beer, gin and tonic, the occasional shot of tequila. I look forward to the editorial meeting. It will be a doozy. Let's get 'er done! (speaking of cliches...)